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Faculty & Staff

  Name Title E-mail Phone
Jason Vokoun Associate Professor &
Interim Department Head
Fisheries Management (860) 486-0141
Richard Anyah Associate Professor (860) 486-5861
Suzie Arildsen Secretary (860) 486-2840

Abby Beissinger Conservation Ambassador Program Coordinator for Natural Resources Conservation Academy
Visiting Assitant Extension Educator

(860) 486-5239

Mark Boyer Joint NRE Faculty, Professor of Geography, Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor, Director, Environmental Studies Program, Center for Environmental Sciences and Engineering (CESE)

(860) 486-3156

Laura Cisneros Visiting Assistant Professor (860) 486-4917
John Clausen


Forest Hydrology/Water Resources (860) 486-0139
Michael Dietz Water Resources Extension Education (860) 345-5225
Robert Fahey

Assistant Professor

Forest Ecology and Management (860) 486-4169
Ashley M. Helton Assistant Professor/ Joint position Center of Environmental Sciences and Engineering (860) 486-1259
James Hurd Research Associate
LERIS (860) 486-4610
Beth A. Lawrence

Assistant Professor /Joint position

Center for Environmental Science and Engineering (860) 486-0259
Melissa McKinney Assistant Professor/ Joint position Center of Environmental Sciences and Engineering  
Anita Morzillo Assistant Professor (860) 486-3660
Thomas H. Meyer


Geodesy (860) 486-0145
Morty Ortega Associate Professor
Wildlife Management (860) 486-0161
Jason Parent Assistant Research Professor (860)486-2840
Robert Ricard Joint NRE Faculty, Senior Coop. Ext. Ed., Dept of Extension  
Chad Rittenhouse Assistant Research Professor (860) 486-0335
Tracy Rittenhouse Assistant Professor (860) 486-5042
Gary A. Robbins Professor
Hydrogeology (860) 486-2448
Denis Roy Assistant Research Professor (860) 486-8732
Ashley Sandy Business Services Supervisor (860) 486-0132
John C. Volin


Vice Provost for Academic Affairs (860) 486-0137
Glenn Warner  Professor
Water Resources (860) 486-0140
Michael Willig Joint NRE Faculty, Professor EEB, Director CESE (860) 486-1455
Chandi Witharana Visiting Assistant Professor (860) 486-2840
Thomas Worthley Extension Educator Forest Sustainability (860) 345-4511
Xiusheng Yang Professor
Air Resources (860) 486-0135



Adjunct Faculty

  Name Title E-mail Phone
Thomas Harrison


Adjunct Instructor  
Min T. Huang Research Scientist (860) 418-5959
Howard J Kilpatrick Research Scientist (860) 642-7239
Carlos Rios,
University of Magallanes


Adjunct Instructor 56-61-207079
Chad Seewagen Research Scientist 203-546-7789
Scott C. Williams Research Scientist 203-974- 8609



Faculty Emeritus

  Name Title E-mail Phone
John S. Barclay Professor Emeritus
Wildlife Management  (860) 570-9257
John Bartok Faculty Emeritus Greenhouse and Nursery Engineering (860) 429-4842
Stephen Broderick Emeritus Staff
Forestry Program (860) 774-9600
Daniel L. Civco Professor Emeritus
Remote Sensing & GIS  
David Miller Professor Emeritus


Department of Natural Resources and the Environment
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
University of Connecticut
1376 Storrs Road, Unit 4087
Storrs, Connecticut 06269-4087
Phone: 860-486-2840